A day of eBay…

This one is just for me really, I just wanna store my URL for eBay …but if you are interested, here’s my page:


Infact, fuck it, I should add it to my blog opening page!

Anyway ….err I think apart from ebay the only ‘interesting’ fact of the day is that Kylie baked some scones today, so the whole ”whore in the bedroom, angel in the kitchen” thing really does apply to her (although, thinking about it, she is pretty much a whore in every room!) but you get what i trying to say….

To finish off this blog, I know by now, some of you are thinking, ”where the fuck is part 10?” …I WILL DO IT I PROMISE… I am as busy as fuck, I have 2 PODCASTS TO FINISH!!!! (although eBay is done for a week!) so I am gonna go!


PS I never posted a pic did I? (see last blog or below)

PPS Damn it, there was one last thing I forgot to mention, I can’t remember… Damn it! I fucking hate it when that happens!! …. oh fuck it, see you tomorrow!

Memorial Day in LA

Hi everyone,

It’s Memorial day, a day everyone pays respect to the armed forces (and good on em I say, they all really deserve it)…. for the UK readers, its kinda like a bank holiday combined with rememberance day.

So, today the weather continues to be as hot as hell, everything is closed and therefore me & Kylie are eBaying some old stuff….

Last night btw I absolutley banged the crap out of Kylie (I think I am still a bit fuck drunk to be fair….) it all started off with me taking the nekkid photos of her for fans and then it REALLY just got out of hand, I mean it’s not surprising she is FUCKING AMAZING in the sack but seriously…. she is better than that, the chemistry we have & the things we do to each other !!! It’s Terrible!!! (Go team Andy!)

Anyway, we fell asleep in each other arms afterwards and then slept like a log (If Kylie is reading this I have omitted the conversation we had whilst I was asleep… that doesn’t count!)

So moving on, you should all check out eBay by the way, we have posted some really cool stuff on there, Wicked Pictures bowling shirts etc (Corruption on blu-ray with a ‘signed by the cast’ original script is pretty awesome)….

Infact I should go and continue to post stuff & at some stage today (if you’re lucky) I will edit a photo from last night and post it below (just so you can see how hot Kylie looked!)

Until then, enjoy your day


The end of another day

OK, a quick round up….

Derrick & Kayme have just left, the first Friday night 3way is recorded… it was gooood! I have also finished editing mine & Kylie’s podcast, all I have to do is add graphics & render, it shouldn’t take me THAT long & then I can post it up, then i will do the same with Friday night 3way so both of em are up this week!

So, right now gonna take nekkid photos of Kylie for her fans… then I am gonna fuck her up!

That is all… until tomorrow! …sleep tight


Sunny Sun Sun….

To quote TuPac  ”I’m up early in the mornin, breath stinking as I’m yawnin …. just another sunny day in California”

SO TRUE,  WHAT AN AMAZING DAY…. (side note: I started this blog like 2 hours ago but Ethan & Lexi are here & Lexi is all kinds of nekkid!… so I suppose I should now put ”just another strange day in California!)

So, errr, where was I? Oh Yes… it’s as hot as fuck, the sun is blazing & all is good, I mentioned yesterday that Derrick & Kayme were coming over today & therfore the podcast studio is all set up but what I didn’t mention is that I haven’t finished editing ours!!! Me & Kylie got talking last night & then ended up on the roof chatting for hours… then sex happened (so you can sue me… fuck it, I will do it today!)

To summarize, Lexi is nekkid, Kylie is moving sofas around and that is all really, just thought Iwould share the glorious sunshine with you (and also get to piss off everybody in England!)

Will be back in abit


why why why

So its like 5pm (almost)….

Where the fuck has the day gone? Days in LA just fly by sometimes, maybe its the lack of rain and grey clouds but I dunno, time seems to be shorter on this side of the pond!

So, moving on, I have not really done much today, me & Kylie have found the perfect place to live (see yesterdays blog) so we are continuing the process of streamlining with eBay (and doing quite well)… However, It caused a bit of a ‘todo’ when she twittered she was moving because porn people assumed there was an issue with The Fallout Shelter so she had to retweet that it was ‘business as usual’ …. which it is!

In other news, I have discovered the Venture Bros, a fucking hilarious cartoon that Kylie loves… seriously hilarious.. I am a convert (try & catch one of you haven’t already)

And we continue with news of the ‘near nekkid’ challenge… I now have to tweet ‘near nekkid’ photos of kylie (1 a day) on twitter after my followers increased by 100 due to Kylie informing the world that was my mission, I failed yesterday so after this blog enry I am gonna find 2 to make up for it.

Also, we haven’t heard from the bank (after we opened our account) & I have reaised that we have used the PO box address for the cards to be sent to, its fucking miles away on the other side of LA (head slap!)…. talking of cards,we have lost our only existing bank card somewhere in the house & when your house is a warehouse, thats a lot of places to search… the hunt continues (on memorial day weekend!)

Changing subject, I have 30 mins left of editing to do on the podcast… then I add grapics & render, then we’re gonna post it, it should take about a day…..today I WILL finish editing! As an aside, Derrick is coming over on Sunday to do the first Friday night 3way podcast, that then gives me 5 days to get thiers up…. the pressure is on!

And finally, Kylie got SOOO many birthday wishes from her fans including one from the a crazy fan called Lyle… I now love Lyle, he’s as crazy as a box of frogs, his comments are borderline genius… I will be quoting him on a regular basis (watch this space!)

Anyway off to edit land


Friday night 3way…

Back at Playboy (as ever on a Friday) ….I can’t remember the 3way girls name this week ….but I do know she is very tall!

Anyway, we found a great apartment today, fingers crossed we get it, we met the apartment manager who was a crazy 70 year old lady but probably the friendliest woman in the world… she also had a squirrel & 2 cats!

Ok, we have 30 mins of the show left, Derrick keeps dragging me into the conversation to defend mankind, so I am gonna catch you guys later…..


Thank Crunchie its Friday

Well today (having been awake for 30 mins) sees me & Kylie apartment hunting again…. currently sat with a cup of tea, trying to wake up!

Obviously the show is tonight so it will be a short trip out as Kylie also has some new website ‘stuff’ to do…. I will then FINISH editing (only about 30 mins left to do!)

I will let you know if anything exciting happens in the meanwhile!


PS and a random picture of Kylie in the shower!

Got stuff to finish

I know, I still have to finish part 10 of me & Kylie ”The Marble Arch bit” …. I also have gotta finish editing the podcast and get it uploaded, don’t gimme grief, I’m working on it!

Meanwhile, last night was tons of fun, loads of us went out to celebrate Kylie’s birthday at ‘The Dresden’  …it also featured ‘Marty & Elayne” who without a doubt are the greatest jazz duet ever (and the oldest!) and therefore a good time was had by all… its just a shame I never got a photo of Derricks hat!

Today (he said at 3pm!) we are undecided as to the plan of action, we are still house hunting but as mentioned earlier, the podcast editing still needs to be done & eBay always looms…. So I will crack on & see you guys later!


PS By the time photos were taken Derrick & Kayme had left, still, here is some of me & Kylie & everyone else from last night

Kylie’s birthday

And doesn’t she look pretty 😉 x

First off I am going to make her breakfast, then we off out for the day….

Tonight we are going for a drink, I have rounded up Mischa, Amber, Ethan & Lexi plus Derrick & Kayme…. can’t wait, should be fun!

But first I need to cook, she is currently checking her tweets…. she has like a million birthday wishes from fans, so she could be a while!

Gotta go


PS I know part 10 is coming (I still haven’t finished editing)!!!

New design of blog….


Been fucking about with blog, trying to make it easy to read, more info etc

Tomorrow is Kylie’s birthday so we are also planning that, will keep you posed on festivities as they happen….

Apart from that we are still tidying up after ‘Kiss of the Strangler’!

Speak soon


PS I’m still editing podcast (incase you were wondering!)

PPS had problems attaching photos yesterday, here’s a test one….