busy busy busy… and a stroll

Evening all…

Well, what a busy day, me & kylie deconstructed her office & moved the contents upstairs at the fallout shelter (www.thefalloutshelter.com) but didn’t have to time to reconstruct it because Ben was shooting a milf from Beverly hills who wanted some D&S shots….

So we decided to go for dinner at Urth (posh/pretentious eatery downtown), it was great, Kylie had the poshest cup of tea ever & we both had a couple of sarnies… yummy!

After that we went for a stroll down by the LA river & I took some shots of graffiti & some awesome ones of her…. as an aside we also saw the worlds biggest fucking train!

Finally, we went to Ralphs & did a ”Big shop”… $280 worth of Big shop (we are going all Atkins & so we bought shed piles of meaty goodness, there was also a few ‘Italian sausage’ jokes along the way!

Currently sat in bed laptop by laptop, twittering various photos from the day (I’ve attached a couple) & generally acting like love was invented just for us… I will never grasp how much I adore this woman, she is breathtaking.

So that being said, i know I must continue or story at some point (I haven’t forgotten) but I think that will have to commence tomorrow… probably aafter office rebuilding work!

See you soon, keep it real!!!!


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