How do I summarize part 2

Ok, where was I….

As I sit here Kylie is reading one of the stories she emailed me when we first ”connected” ……

(you will here ”connected” alot during this story, just accept it, neither of us are spiritual people but we just connect, mentally, physically emotionally & ”something else we don’t understand”)

Anyway it was called ‘Flash’ & as she re-read it for the first time for months she leaned over & kissed me, she had a look in her eye that now just seeems so familiar to me… but it always has (even before we met) she then said ”how did I know?” ”I could have written this an hour ago!” you see this is my point, we had conversations months ago about what we are doing right now, we both firmly believe this isn’t the first time we have met, been in love or been together… I know it’s mad (especially if you know either of us!) but there it is…… let me continue the story, I will try & make it make sense to you.

SO, we are emailing each other, DMing each other 50 times a day…..

One day I get an email from her, are you on IM? I replied no but downloaded yahoo messenger and then said yes…. we connected for our first real time conversation later that day, it was awesome, we talked for hours about everything, why/ what/who… I mean everything, this was the beginning of the story of how we truly realised we were.. no fuck it, this is the story of how we had already fallen in love and we had found each other again.

The conversations developed over the next few days (roughly 12 hours a day!!) she would carry her laptop around the house chatting with me (and because of the 8 hour time difference) I would stay up all night… we sent photos, lots of photos, some of them naked, some of them cuddled up in bed, some of them … err well you know ”doin stuff” !!! That then moved onto music, i would upload my favorite songs onto her server, she would play them on the way to work (EG: the AVN awards in vegas)… as an aside I send my first audio clip in Vegas, it was an amazing day, she could hear me and she would type her reactions to my voice!!!!

Right, i have to stop here, Kylie is ready for bed and I am tired, I also have forgotten to tell you about New years eve, that was when we admitted we were in love, or realised… or said it, either way I know I am skipping bits because the story is so massive ( I have kept every email and IM by the way, I have EVERY WORD SHE SAID TO ME….)

SO I am stopping and will try and pick up tomorrow…. I kinda hope this makes sense but kinda don’t care also, this is me trying to explain the unexplainable so, you know… errr its hard!!!

Keep track if you can, see you tomorrow


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