Told twitter about Blog.. so read on!


I have been pissing around trying to work this shit out, I will get the hang of it, don’t hate on me or I will come around to your house & secretly piss in your cupboards!! =)

Anyway, various reasons for doing this: A) Cause I wanna. B) Cause I am sick of my family and friends asking how the heck I ended living in LA with one of the sexiest / dirtiest / most beautiful women on earth. C) It was Kylie’s idea. D) Because it will be fun to read, some of the strangest stuff goes on in my life, I need to tell someone! …and finally I might get hit by a bus tomorrow!

So read away,  am going to be summarizing loads of stuff so back date,double check or whatever….

Thanks for listening, drive safely, look afer mum… everyone’s a winner!


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