How do I summarize part 3

Ok… a quick one

So me & Kylie at this stage are IM (ing) & DM (ing) like teenagers, love sick crazy teenagers (except for the disgusting photos!!)…..

I mentioned earlier about Vegas & sending audio clips but prior to that we had been sending photos & having conversations about us & our normal lives, Kylie is an amazing photographer & we had a couple of days of her sending me pics of hotel signs & other bits she has a passion for, it was about then when we REALLY connected, i could see why she had taken them, what she was trying to express & why, she also knew stuff about me that was really personal too (she told me my relationship history, i didn’t tell her… SHE TOLD ME!!! I still don’t know how she did it, it was amazing!) (PS I knew her middle name…. that was also wierd!)

Anyway, we are falling in love, we are SOOO falling in love, very other word before we told each other was ‘love’…. all in context but you know just obvious that we free falling into something special…

So at the moment I am sat with Kylie trying to work out when we said it, I could go through all the IM’s but it would take hours…. I mean hours! It wasn’t long after we started IMing, maybe a week, although I know i was an amazing day… how do 2 people connect like this, have a physical reaction through a computer !!! Cause we did (understatment), I mean I have known ALOT of women in my life & had some pretty great times but compared to this… NOTHING COMES CLOSE!!

I am gonna apologise again for summary, there is just too much, so so so many things i could say, emotions, feelings, all that kinda stuff but it’s all TOO big to grasp, not that you wouldn’t get it… no fuck it, you wouldn’t get it, we still don’t get it, we just decided a long time ago to let it go & see what happens, almost like we were passengers in this (which was truly a great idea, very freeing…)

I am upto the audio part about now (so stay with me)…. I am sending audio clips, we are in love, its growing & getting bigger, we are also having discussions about meeting in London, she is actually trying to organise it & emailing people….

So that’s were we are at, when I continue I will summarize NYE, talk about Arctic Monkeys, attach some example photos, update more about London developing & I gotta mention Mick somewhere!!

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures…..


2 comments on “How do I summarize part 3

  1. I’ve been a fan of Kylie’s for almost 15 years. I have read her twitter for a while and I agree she is smart, funny, dirty and beautiful. The perfect combination in a woman.

    I am so glad she found someone that makes her happy. I am happy for both of you. A love like that is rare. Treasure it always.


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