Monday Morning (insert comment here)

First off.. Hi Gemma!!! ”whatcha mean i sound so serious?” I am still the insane mofo that you’ve always known, i am just trying to make it make sense & be ….errr dare I say intelligent!

Away, hello to the rest of you, was up late last night, Kylie was a bit poorly yesterday & it peaked about midnight so was in ‘Dr Andy’ mode (she has had to cancel a scene for Hustler today)… She seems Ok today, she is sat up in bed chatting with her best friend but I will be keeping an eye on her (and not that eye!)

So at some stage will be reconstructing her office & I will have to sit in the sun for a while because I’m english at the end of the day & the sun in a fucking novelty…..

Will keep you all posted throughout the day & will commence summary (part 3) I promise

Don’t go changin


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