The office reconstructon continues…

So far so good on the office front!

We have desks, computers & incredible amounts of Kylie memorabilia (I am walking round with a hard on all the time!!!)

So to avoid passing out I decided to make a quick lunch for the beautiful lady, Baked peppers stuffed with lemon mustard chicken on a bed of salad…. I was quite impressed as it was a first time recipe for me, it actually tasted good (or didn’t taste bad!)…..

Kylie twittered it… that’s gotta mean something!!!

Quick final update so far today, thanks to all you guys who have twittered & facebooked about the blog, it’s appreciated….


PS If i had a dollar for each time I pulled Kylie’s top off today I would be a rich man!

PPS and a photo of a stuffed pepper!

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