Well, thats me for today (well officially tomorrow!)

So I am off to bed, finished the offices, the podcast studio has extra lighting, mics & cameras… we are looking good to go (might even podcast tomorrow night) so sty tund for that!

To summarize the evening after, cooked dinner for Kylie, I went all italian tonight and she loved it (I think so anyway, she semed quite happy!) Then we caught a couple of the new episodes of Dr Who (which we aren’t impressed with) and I err.. how can I put this, I messed her up on the sofa (and by her, I mean me!) She totally drives me insane, she is beautiful, sexy & truly disturbing at times…. !!

And on that note, I’m off to sleep… we have a plan for tomorrow, so will blog details in the morning.

Don’t go changing, thanks for reading… & Goodnight!


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