How do I summarize part 4

You see this one is the tough one….

So far we are upto Vegas, amongst audio clips & photos, I have sent her loads of songs that I like …but two in particular REALLY remind me of her (bearing in mind we haven’t met!) Arctic Monkeys – SOS (I still call her my SOS girl) & Athlete – Wires. We had a conversation before Vegas & she told me those were her favourite out of all the songs… the fact she knew without me saying still makes me smile, when we used to ”connect” via IM we would sit & just listen to them, only saying the odd word or phrase as we did (the amount of times we would hit enter & our words matched was unbeievable!!)

Anyway I have to move on from this area because there is so much more to talk about, this happened daily, for hours, such intense emotion, such an amazing connection…. but I am moving on, you get it right?

So, after Vegas, Kylie managed to organise a trip to London to see me… FOR 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!!) & everyday I would get more info, she emailed me the ticket, the flight details & then we would start the countdown to when we meet, every day…NO, 100 times a day, she would ask & I always knew down to the second how long it would be until I was with her, till we were together, it was AMAZING…. it made both of us so happy to know we would finally get to see each other (again?), to touch, to see if what we had was real (We already knew but we had both began to discuss it with close friends (hello Mick & Amber!) so I suppose it was kinda for their benefit really because I suppose a part of them thought we might be insane!!)

So the connection is growing, our hearts are racing & we are getting closer, falling deeper in love, having discussions about stuff we have done & on a daily basis, stuff we have experienced (all very smililar to say we have such different backgrounds) & everyday more & more future memories, I mean loads, tons, so so so many…. up until then probably the happiest stage of my life.

SO I suppose I better tell you about when we both wrote a seperate story about how we meet & then compared the story at the same time… I also better mention when we started with Skype….. Skype was fucking amazing!

However, I am gonna tell you that in part 5, so digest this bit & I will be back soon 😉

OOh & before I go, thanks for reading by the way!


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