How do I summarize part 5

And we continue….

So, the countdown is on, we are IMing non stop, even when Kylie goes out or is on a set she has her phone to IM with her & we are talking pretty much all the time…

We also have a game we play, when I am asleep we time how long it will it take her to wake me up…. which was very rarely more than 2 minutes (and I sleep like the dead!!!)

So, apart from the impressive collection of photos & audio recordings we are both collecting we are also using snail mail to send each other things, I sent her things like T-shirts that smell like me, a sonic screwdriver (honestly!!)  & teabags, she sent me videos of her, printed copies of her photography & other personal things…. all while the countdown continues!

2 weeks before we met she went to Dallas & spent all night (give or take an hour or so) in her hotel room talking to me, we discussed Skype & she errr videoed herself err…doing stuff & err …talking to me about err… what we were gonna do (basically greatest video ever, I still watch it!!)

So just before she set off for London we both set up Skype & then discussed what it woud be like to actually see each other, Kylie had an idea whereby we typed the story of what we thought into a word document and then copied & pasted at the same time to see what they were like, I thought it was a great idea, so we did…..

So during the same conversation we did it, it took maybe 10-20 mins, we copied & then on the count of 3 we hit paste together, IT WAS INCREDIBLE, almost word for word the same description, even down to the room!  The connection we felt was enormous, we laughed, we cried, we were so in love… and we were only 1 week away from each other….

Gonna stop right there, in my next blog I am gonna talk about London & Skype…. You will love that bit, it fucking super dooper awesome.

Stay tuned


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