Playboy radio … Friday night 3way

So I believe I said I was gonna write part 6… err sorry, sometimes crazy messed up sex with Kylie has just gotta come first (and by sometimes I mean always!)

I’m currently at Playboy radio with Kylie & Derrick as they do thier Friday night 3way show (If you haven’t got Sirius then get it)… its a great show, just fucking awesome, Kylie & Derrick have a superb rapport & they have no whole barred attitude….seriously get sirius!

I especially enjoyed this week as Kylie was ‘fucked stupid’ (her words not mine) at the beginning of the show… so she was all over the place (she even apologised for it)….

Anyway, (apart from bragging again) the point of the blog was to apologise for not starting part 6… I will do it tomorrow, I am free all weekend so I might even do part 7 as well !

Speak shortly (Get Sirius)


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