And on the 7th day….

Just a quick note….

So today is day 7 of the blog & I was just thinking I must do more, so part 6 & 7 will happen this weekend I promise. Before I disapear for the night I just wanna say that my sex life is the best it has ever been (EVER!)…by far, I mean no-one has ever come close to fucking me this well, it is so fucked up, the things we do must surely be illegal, Kylie is just unfucking real…. the things she does blows my mind!

So as I go to bed (wet through & completley exhausted) I leave you with this statement…..

I love this woman, I love her so deeply & so much I can’t remember anything that happened in my life before her she turned up, she is truly fucking amazing, she fills me with such joy my heart feels like it is going to explode…. I am a very very lucky man

Night everyone, part 6 & 7 to follow


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