How do I summarize part 6

Welcome back,

This is where the story REALLY speeds up…..

We have a couple of days to London, so I have sent her a mobile phone in the post with unlimited internet & text messages so we can get hold of each other all the time whilst she is there without me (she is there for a month but working the first & 3rd week, we decide to the meet up during week 2 & week 4)….

However the phone doesn’t turn up in time! (God damn British postal service!!)

On the day before she left for London, I rang her (only for about the 2nd/3rd time) & we talked for about meeting up logistics, how excited we were, skype (i hadn’t got my webcam yet) but mainly it was just I love you, I love you, I love you….

Then she set off, it was wierd because I didnt talk to her for like 11 hours, the biggest break we had had for weeks but hey fuck it, she was only gonna be 200 miles away from instead of 5000!

As an aside, whilst she was in London I was gonna drive down to my sisters in Southampton, with my other sister, (i have 2 super cool sisters btw) a couple of days before & then get the train to london from there. At this stage out of my freinds this is who knew the whole story, Mick, Richard, ‘The Copelands’ & Becci (My sisters & a couple of my family knew some of the story but not everything) eitherway they were all dead excited for me to see what happened next….

When she landed she rang me, we were like 2 school kids so fucking excited, we chatted for about 10 mins and then she set off to sort out baggage, taxi & to get to her hotel (all whilst we texted the entire journey)….. I then rang her at the hotel (after afew hiccups) & then we talked all night until she fell asleep all jet lagged!

OK… The next day we skyped!

I had my webcam & she rang via her computer…. we could see each other, we could hear each other… FUCKING AWESOME…. we talked all day (except while she was at work, she is a pornstar, so work is errr… well you know!)

She would Skype whilst getting ready for work, whilst eating, whilst getting in bed & even whilst showering… skype/skype/skype, seriously the best invention ever! We would have sex via skype/ we would sit & stare at each other via skype, we just LOST HOURS AND HOURS ON SKYPE! It went on for 5 days!!!!!!

Then I had to go to my sisters…..(an hour away from her!)

I had a great time in Southhampton, catching up with everyone especially my nephew Alex, he is only 7 or 8… unfortunatley he is quite poorly as he has a rare blood disease but he is tons of fun & we had a blast, the whole Southhampton trip was great, everynight I would Skype, we still used to chat for hours & then set up our webcams so we could sleep together, it was cute, she was cute, even I WAS CUTE… (you see, I am falling in love with her all over again just telling the story of Skype)… just an awesome moment in my life…. sigh x

SO The week is here, I am stood at the train station in Southhampton… she is waiting for me in London….

I am attaching photos, will talk about London in part 7

Back very very soon….


6 comments on “How do I summarize part 6

  1. I am just so happy she found you,Andy. 99.9 PERCENT of the people just have no clue how much of a sweetheart Kylie is. I can completely see how you two fell in love…
    reading this reminds me how my wife and I met almost 12 years ago. And the fire burns just as brightly now as it did then.

    Just promise to take care of K always,she deserves a shining knight (or a Time Lord).

    ****hi fur crew,Derek says “meow!”***

  2. I know this is all retrospect now…but I agree.. Skype is an amazing invention… when connection is kind to you!! Me, and sadly now, my Ex, Darby had a long distance relationship too. at one time we spent 10hrs non-stop Skyping! ….I miss that!

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