Part 7 …..the preview!

Ok, before I get to part 7 (which is us meeting in London) I need to explain a couple of things:

1. We decided to write a book about the adventure & update it daily.

2. We had alot of disgusting, no warped… errr no, well if I am being honest I don’t know what to called it, Sex isn’t it & Fucking just doesn’t cover it, it was something else, definately wrong, probably illegal but that’s not what I’m getting at, the whole point of me telling you this is that when I get to the story if you are related to me (or have a heart condition!) DO NOT read part 7, seriously dont read it, it is fucked up!!…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Anyway, I was chatting with Kylie today (as we read the book) & we decided (seeing as part 7 will be so big) that maybe we should break you in slowly & do a whole blog of quotes from the 2 weeks we were together (which I probably couldn’t fit in to the story) but are SO funny to read, it’s a shame to ignore them: So sit back & enjoy Part 7… the preview!

Kylie ”If you have complaints… you can just…err Fuckoff”

Kylie ”My ass is being persnickety”

Kylie ”How’s the legend the morning after the night before?”  Andy ”How can I summerize THAT !!”

Andy ”Do you remember when I first walked into the room? ” Kylie ”yes” Andy ”err.. wasn’t it great!”

Kylie ”Your hands aren’t THAT big.. I got em in!”

Andy ”You sick fucker.. How dare you just wake me up & think you can just fuck me!”

Kylie ”You were talking about fucking with the thing…. and fuck off!”

Kylie ”Even I am quite impressed with my cock swallowing skills”

Kylie ”Have you ever tried twittering with a cock up your ass?”

Andy ”Women have always treated me like some kind of sex experiment”

Kylie ”I’m 10lbs of tits”

Kylie ‘‘fuckupidness”

Andy ”It’s like having a Ferrari.. AND a chauffeur”

Andy ”I’m the Harry Potter of the sex world”

Kylie ”I need to go home, jump out of an aeroplane, have a massage & come back to you”

Kylie ” I can’t remember what the cat being thrown against  wall sounds like… I think it’s Phdump!”

Kylie ”We took lots of photos in the park today, including blue dogs & fancy ducks”

Andy ”I now have new sex things”

Kylie ”Don’t ever fall in love with the clever chicks”

Andy ” I love you because.. errr I always have!”

Andy ”I have been hiding in the bushes for 24 years undergoing facial reconstruction by family of plastic surgeon caterpilars”

Kylie ”Phwomp”

Kylie ”what do you mean we have nothing to do? We have walks to go on, swans to feed, photos to take… and a knife to buy!”

Kylie (doing impression of a cat being thrown against a cow) ”Rearrw, Phwomp….mooo!”

Andy ”Its a vanilla cheesecake Kiss”

Andy ”Sorry, I was just washing the sugar off my cock”

Kylie ”What’s the point of having your very own porn star if you are not going to dress her up and play with her?”

Kylie ”Will you pass me a bottle of water from the bag of death?”

Kylie ”Ack!! we are wedged”

Andy ”Shall we stay inside where the 4D people are… the extra D stands for depth!”

Kylie ”If I have a virus, you put it there”

Andy ”This room is pimp, we have dildos, lube & big wads of cash, all we need now is guns and drugs…. we do however have Cheesy Wotsits & Brioche’

Kylie ”Andrew is a man of many adjectives”

Kylie ”This is the most disgusting relationship of all time”

Kylie ”I mean, you can have total control of your tail, so you can just wrap it around something and squeeze”

Kylie ”You have broken me!”

Andy ”I would love you if you were just stump neck!”

Kylie ”Just how much do I love this man?”

Kylie ”you are a 3 cock adventure”

Andy ”You came like a banshee!’



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