How do I summarize part 7….

SO I am at the train station in Southampton, an hour away… a fucking hour away from Kylie, I think I am stuck in an alternate reality, can this all be real? Can we really be this in love? After a couple of months we are ONLY JUST about to meet!…. How can that be?

BUT IT WAS REAL, my heart was telling me it was real, my mind was full of every word we have said to each other, I could feel her… I know how that sounds but I could feel her!!!!

SO I get on the train, I have my iPod on & am listening to ”our soundtrack” a compilation of all the songs we listen to… you know ”our soundtrack”. My mind is completley focused on Kylie, I have no gameplan, i have no idea what is going to happen, I am just living in the moment and trusting all my instincts… I have completley let go of any fear, I am going to let fate sort this one out.

SO after an hour or so I land in London (my heart is pounding all the way)… I text her ”I am here, I am minutes away”…. I jump on a tube & head towards her hotel (I am actually early) when I get a text back saying ”so excited, getting ready for you, text me when you are in the lobby”

And within 5 minutes, I am in the lobby, I have taken a photo on my phone of the Hotels sign & text it her ”guess were I am?”… She texts me back ”I am still getting ready, wait for me there, I want to be perfect for you”

And so I take a seat and wait….

Time drags so slowly, I was only there for 15 minutes but it seems like forever, i am just concentrating on keeping my heart as calm as possible, its pounding out of control & I feel faint….. seriously I am so excited i wanna pass out!!!

(SIDE NOTE: At this moment in time Kylie has gone out for the day, she has doctors appointments & has gone to the store, she just texted me ”are you writing the story, I can feel you so much right now”…. Isn’t she amazing, she knows every move I make!!)

Anyway, back to the story….

SO I am sat in the lobby when my phone goes ”Come to me, I can’t live without you anymore” (and directions to her room)… I spring up, text ”on my way” and jump into the lift, my phone goes again ”shall I leave the door open”… I text back ”yeah, leave open”

I get to her floor & take another set of steps up to her room, I suddenly stop as I see the room….. I have to take this in, this is a massive event & my heart feels like it is going to burst, so I stand there & breathe deeply trying to calm myself, when suddenly I hear her door click open on latch… I smile & suddenly I feel different… it’s her, I feel her, its a strange feeling unlike anything i have felt before, it gives me strength, I grab my suitcase, walk towards the door, push it open & enter…..

I am stood in front of her for the first time, (SOS is playing on her stereo!)she is leaning on the window facing me from across the room SHE LOOKS AMAZING…. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, I MEAN JUST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, THE MOST STUNNING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, her heart is pounding like mine, her chest is rising & falling as we stare at each other as I let go of my suitcase and prop myself up against the wall next to me, leaning on it as we just continue to stare into each others eyes…. I eventually say ”Hey you” & we start to walk towards each other, the next thing I know I have her in my arms and we are smothering ourselves in the worlds biggest & deepest kiss, I lift her off the floor & she wraps herself around me, we are just kissing so deeply, she has her hands on my face & I am holding her so tightly, we manage to get the odd word out ”I love you, I have missed you, my god you are real, we are here”… all kinds of stuff but what I remember most was the kisses, stopping occasionally to look at each other and then kissing some more…. I eventually push her up against the wall (whilst she is still in my arms) & we continue to kiss so deeply for what seems like hours….. I am sat here smiling just thinking about it, I can still smell her on me from that day, it was fucking awesome…. fuck me, she looked beautiful.

SO this is where time vanishes, I remember it being about 10.30pm when we started but seriously TIME NOW VANISHES!!!

We fall onto the bed, I am on top of her and we are  kissing like we have never kissed anyone before, my hands are all over her, touching her, feeling her… completley living in the moment, we are so lost in each other the world ceases to exist, we move around the bed, she is on top, I am on top, we are side by side ….and over the course of the next few hours we slowly undress each other (yes hours!) as we kiss and talk and laugh and cry and kiss.. and err kiss!!!

Eventually we are both naked, she looks fucking amazing naked, Jesus fucking Christ amazing!!! I mean I see her naked everyday and it still blows me away but the FIRST time I see her… goddamn…. GODDAMN!!! She has curves everywhere yet she is so thin, her body is just amazing, her perfect ass, legs that go on for days (she even has pefect feet!) and the biggest, roundest most perfect tits I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of tits!!), she also has a tatoo on her ankle, across her shoulders, one on the small of her back but the one that drives me crazy is she has an entire sleeve down her right arm… its horny as hell!!!

At some point when we were naked she was on top of me, the words had slowly (over the period of time) gone from how much we love each other to…. well let me just say the most disgusting (yet strangley loving) filth I have ever heard, the stuff that came out of our mouths was just wrong!!! Passion had kicked in and we were heading for the ‘fuck of the century’…. at this stage I just wanna point out that I had had a hard on for about 4 or 5 hours, I was a bit errr… well you know…. 5 FUCKING HOURS C’MON I am only human (or so I thought!)

She then looked down at me with an almost evil look, then smiled at me & slapped me hard across the face, i mean she smashed her hand right across my fucking face HARD and growled ”now fuck me”…. it sure did the trick!!

I was suddenly the size of a small elephant again (hey its my blog, I’ll put what I want!) and then I fucked her, I beyond fucked her…. I double fucked her, no I think I actually triple fucked her, I fucked her into next week, back again & then fucked her some more…. it was practically abuse (fuck it, it was abuse!) we tore into each other for hours (I said I wasn’t human!!) and it was amazing, she came, i came, we came, there wasn’t any rules… nothing was off limits….  she came, i came, we came, it just didn’t stop, we didn’t stop….the sun came up….. we didn’t stop….. until eventually (time had vanished remember) both completley exhausted we collapsed into each others arms.

We are now just clinging onto each other (wet through, fucked up & totally immersed in each other)… AND WE WERE STILL KISSING!! eventually  just sitting up in bed, touching, stroking each other & watching out the window as london woke up. 

It was so perverse, so fucked up what we had just done (to each other!) but as we sat there I have to say it was the most romantic moment, it was beautiful, we held each other talking about us, how we got here & just staring at the world as it came back into focus….. This is when I truly discovered what love is, two people with such an incredible connection, speaking without words, our minds & bodies completley together, so happy, so content with no boundaries, like one person…..  yet this is only the beginning, this was the first night, what we have just grows over the next few weeks, it is still growing as I type this blog months later, we are so very lucky to have found each other again (and it is again, because I have known Kylie forever, this is NOT our first time around, it’s impossible for me to think that it is)

So as we sit there, we capture the moment, she takes photos of what we see & I take photos of her… she is so beautiful, I can’t help myself, we took some great photos so I am attaching them to this part of the blog… (I’m also attaching Kylie’s version, remember I told you about the book we wrote in London? Well, its what she wrote in it!)

This was the best day of my life so far and there is so much more to come….

I will start on part 8, the following day (which is a continuation of this day) tomorrow…

Thanks for reading, it’s appreciated, I think Kylie’s version is much better but I LOVED telling you mine… =) 



I could feel you downstairs. Your heart was beating so fast.

I felt so bad that I was having to take so long to get ready, especially with you waiting, but I wanted to look as perfect as possible the first time I met you. Well, met you in person. Standing before me.  My heart raced as I finished getting dressed and looked in the mirror, smiling. I looked good. I was confident, excited. I picked up my phone and texted down to you:

“Come to me.  I can’t live without you anymore.”

“On my way.”

“Go to the 11th floor, stairs to the 13th”, then thinking back to our earlier conversations, I texted “Do you want me to leave the door open or….?”

Minutes passed and I didn’t get a text back. I was sad, knowing you didn’t get the text, that you were probably in the lift. There was a mirror on the back of the hotel room door and I stood looking into it, knowing any moment you would be on the other side of the door, pausing as I was now. Your heart reaching out to me…   I pressed my palms on the door and closed my eyes, reaching out to you, feeling, listening….

Then my heart stopped. I felt you. Or was I insane? I pictured you standing on the stairs, right outside the fire door, which was right outside room RT2. It was quiet though, no movement, no creaking of the stairs…must be my imagination. Then a text came through.

“Yeah, leave open.”

My heart skipped a beat, knowing you were on the landing of the stairs, right outside my door.  I stepped to the door and unlocked it, turned the handle and opened it, the sound it made seemed deafening as I did it and I was acutely aware that you too were hearing the same sounds as I was. We were close enough to each other to share the same sounds.

Stepping away from the door I press play on the mp3 player and the so- familiar SOS starts. I take a deep breath and glance around the room, not sure where to go…I lean against the windowsill, the fabulous view of the London skyline filling the picture window behind me.  As I placed my hands on the edges of the sill I was shocked at how they trembled…

There is a heavy thickness in the air, yet undeniable electricity.

The door opens and you step inside, silently you lean against the wall and your eyes rest on me. You are smiling and I take a deep breath as we look into each other’s eyes. The longest moment in the world passes. Then:

“Hey… you.”

At that moment the world around us no longer exists, the connection complete, time irrelevant and everything becomes a blur in my mind. We are one at last, I have come to you; to England, and you have come to me; in London. It is an epic, life altering adventure to us. We are meeting for the first time, yet reuniting after years lost…

Smiling, tears in my eyes… “Hey…you.”

We meet in the middle of the room and you are kissing me, deeply, passionately…so much joy, wonder, excitement, so much love. I am lost in your kisses and I realize I am being lifted off the ground and spun around; I wrap my legs around you, squeezing you tightly, kissing you deeply, smiling between kisses. I melt into you. You pin me against the wall continuing to drown me in your kisses.  There are words, however they are scattered and although deeply meaningful to us, are merely fragments of sentences and random words in the real world.

 My arms are around your neck…all over your body, pulling you closer to me…but mostly my hands are on your face – your handsome and so familiar face – and I hold it in my hands between kisses and stare into your endless dark eyes as I fall in love with you again and again.

I can’t believe it’s really you, that you are real, and here, now…in my arms.  We are talking, marveling, rolling, laughing, caressing…only we exist. Suddenly, three…maybe four hours have gone by, and we didn’t realize it. We spend the entire night lost, loving each other, bound by our beautiful, unexplainable connection, wallowing in our pure happiness, tearing each other apart.

As the sun rises over London we begin the first chapter of the rest of our lives.

One comment on “How do I summarize part 7….

  1. My Andrew,

    I haven’t commented on your blog personally, mostly because you read the entries aloud to me (which I must admit is the best way to hear them, in your voice with your sexy accent…) but this one I felt compelled to comment on…

    I am thrilled you are doing this blog. I love it. I love reliving it all, hearing your thoughts and memories and I love the reactions the story – our story – is getting from those reading it.

    You are amazing. We are amazing. Describing my feelings is so frustrating because words haven’t been invented yet to describe the love I feel. To descibe the love, utter filth and beauty we share. However, until those words are invented, I must say you are doing a fine job of capturing us, our adventure and what is in our hearts.

    So often I have wanted to shout out my love for you to the world…and you have just done it for us.

    I am fortunate, lucky, happy and filled with love for you.

    Now come to bed you sexy fucker.


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