Can’t think of a good title for this bit…

It’s the end of the day, nothing to see here….

Just been eBaying some more of Kylie’s stuff, she has been filling her orders for her store and Ben (photographer downstairs) is playing his guitar, so all is good and feeling very chilled….

So, what else? Err… made Kylie & salad for dinner, followed by Steak & Brocholi (which I must check on how to spell!) I also couldn’t edit the podcast due to a technical issue so it looks like I won’t be able to do it before Miami.

Oh, we are going to Miami for Exxxotica on Thursday, Kylie has yet to pack, so that’s what she will be doing tomorrow, no doubt I will spend most of the day trying not to rape her as she does!

And that is pretty much it, was gonna give her a good bumming earlier but you know, sometimes shit gets in the way (you see what I did there!!) But we are looking good for landing now so I am gonna say goodnight, don’t go changing, look after mum & drive safely!

Till tomorrow then…


PS and how many times did I use the word ‘SO’ in this blog!

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