How do I summarize part 8

Well, part 7 took me ages because it was just so massive, therfore part 8 won’t be so long….. after a 10 hours emotional sex epic, we needed sleep!

So, we are still in bed watching the world go by, the conversation we were having was just incredible, even though we had been talking for weeks & we knew each other inside & out, obviously we were so full of emotion we both wouldn’t shut up!

We talked about the journey we had both taken to get there, how we felt when we met, how we felt whilst we were having sex, how we felt at that moment (we already knew but we just wanted to talk about it!) but mainly we talked about our connection and how we were now both SO convinced (and a bit relieved) that it was real…..

Again we lost time, when one of us decided we needed food, we hadn’t eaten in hours & our stomachs were growling that much it was starting to drown us out, so we threw on some clothes & headed out into the world to find a cafe.

It was mind blowing walking around London in the daylight, we held hands, we cuddled, we stared at each other (Kylie kept poking me & saying ‘are you real’) infact we just kept walking around the block chatting forgetting the purpose of what we were there for (I have never smiled so much ever, my jaw was killing me)…. we eventually found a cafe & went for something to eat.

As we were sat in the cafe we just couldn’t stop talking, she looked stunning (fucked & so beautiful) and seriously, we just didn’t stop telling each other how we felt, the waitress came back about 3 times because we didn’t even look at the menu ( I have no idea what we ate, I thing she had crepes!) and yet again we talked… we talked, we talked, both of us trying to comprehend the enormity of what just happened, our journey and how we felt.

After food the conversation started to change, errr.. it got dirty, then filthy, then disgusting, then we were heading back to our hotel to start all over again (at this point we should be winning awards…. here comes round 2!)

SO we are back at the hotel, we were naked in seconds & we were deep into everything disgusting we could think of (and we thought of alot, infact we wrote a list!) God damn we were tired but it didn’t stop us, we were tearing into each other yet again only stopping to say I fucking love you (or some kind of warped instruction!)

After about an hour or so (more lost time) we were lying there exhausted, again holding each other & falling even deeper in love…  the world slipped away, we fell asleep in each others arms, content, together & finally complete.

I woke up, it was dark, we had been asleep all day, we hadn’t moved, we were lying in exactly the same position, she was cuddled up in my arms (just to clarify I am 6ft 4, I had her scooped up and it was almost like she was buried inside me) she opened her eyes and smiled at me….. wow, I fucking love this woman.

We led there for a while talking (do you see a running theme!) and so we thought we should go to the store (there was a Sainsburys across the street) and get provisons as it was obvious we were going to be up all night (again!), whilst at the store we also bought a book, a big book & some pens, we had to document this, these moments had to be written down, we had started our journey for real and we didn’t wanna forget a single second (that same book is full, we filled it over the next 2 weeks, its sat next to me as I type, the best idea ever, you should all do it!)……

We got back to the hotel room and ate (there was alot of cheese!) we also took some photos of London at night …..and then we fucked, we fucked and then we err.. fucked, it was even crazier than the night before, we did stuff that neither of us had done (and thats saying something!) we also wrote a huge list in the book of what we needed to do (and we did them all, we even added more to it later over the next 2 weeks, just wait till i get to the knife incident!) so basically we stayed up all night having sex until the sun came up….. (see running theme number 2!)

And that is part 8, in part 9 we move hotels to Kensington, we have adventures in parks & so much more (apart from disgusting sex & filthy love!)

Will try to get it done tomorrow, attached are some photos from day 2.


3 comments on “How do I summarize part 8

  1. …and you posted photos of mine…you know that is the first time anyone other that close friends have seen any of my photography.

    And I LOVE my photo of the British museum.


  2. The ‘store’…? Andy, you’ve changed!

    I love these stories, keep them coming. I’ve ditched my chick lit novels next to my bed, they’re shite in comparison.

    Love to you both! xxx

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