I’m Back

Just back from Kylies hairdressing type scenario… I would mention the trip home but it would be bragging too much! All I will say is that the guy who bought the panties Kylie is wearing should send me a thankyou note!

Anyway, according to a few emails I have got today, I am apparently the last one in on the Canadian make up dude jokes (or sugar shorts, or gay dude in prelude.. ..there are too many punchlines to write!) SO, Damn it.. from now on, I want updates PRIOR to any hilarity or piss taking!!!

Meanwhile, I have bad things to do to Kylie…..


PS No seriously, I want updates PRIOR!

One comment on “I’m Back

  1. gay dude in a pralude!! i guess i shouldnt read these at work! was in a safety meeting and lost it lmfao needless to say the hole room look at me like i was fuckin nuts! and was busted on not paying attention in the meeting!! i blamed it on you two! lmao

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