OK, so I have the theme tune to Stingray in my head this morning, don’t know why!!! but it lead to a conversation with Kylie about cross eyed people which lead to another lesson is english slang!!!

Todays lesson was ”she had a scen like a basket of welks”….. which basically is some one who is really crossed eyed!

Kylie loves my englishness (is that a word?) but sometimes it baffles her, eitherway its always fun to se her face when i say something surreal!

Moving on….. On todays agenda is filling orders for Kylie’s store, haircut type stuff, a few phone calls about Miami & then editing the podcast….

Meanwhile, Kylie is much better, last nights headache turned into a migraine but she is up and about & twittering about welks, so she is fine now!

Finally, Kylie commented on part 7 last night, she is a big cutie (I call her nom nom) I love her so much especally when she starts bing cute!…. as an aside, we also had a chat about being selfish with each other which i must blog about (huge subject), we have decided (ages ago actually) to be selfish with each other (well c’mon, who would wanna share me!!)

Will discuss later, I am hungry, back soon


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