The end of another day…

Ok, it took so long to finish the part 7  that Kylie came back only 30 mins after I finished it, (she read it whilst at the doctors & so she came home all loved up…) 

We also had superhero porn guy here today (filming supehero porn!) …what a nice fella, so Me & Kylie watched wonder woman get molested by a bunch of girl super villians whilst we had some food (just a day in the life….!)

Eventually, we went for a nap and then ended up talking for hours, about us, love, life & our future….we just keep losing time in ourselves (we didn’t have dinner until 10.30pm!)

The funniest bit of the day was the hapless twitter messages from some chubby canadian geezer (who has a fondness for highlights & wearing makeup!) who attempted to bang Kylie a couple of times (bless him!) anyway, he still carries a torch for her and is blissfully unaware he is seen as a bit of fool, she is politely trying to let him down but he lives in a bit of a ”I wanna be somebody” world and isn’t getting the message, even though I am a bit embarrased for him, it IS funny to read!!!

Some people just dont get it…..

Anyway, that me done, Kylie is in bed, she has a headache, Dr. Andy to the rescue!


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