So, me & Kylie got talking after last nights filth fest….. (hence the ‘seriously you all should be impressed’ comment!)

Anyway, we were talking about group sex & doing stuff with other people (we have been ducking in & out of this subject for weeks) and we have decided that we are too selfish to share…. is that bad?

We always planned on it but the problem is the stuff we get up to is so fucking awesome, yet so bad and so totally fucked up (with so much love!) we don’t want anyone else involved…. we just don’t, Kylie doesn’t want to share (well who would!) because she wants to keep me seperate from porn & all for herself & I don’t wanna share (I dont count the porn because its work, long story, i seperate it… but it is just work!) because I just dont wanna fuck anyone else…. now I know what some of you are thinking and yes it’s still Andy typing but I seriously have no interest in other women, my heart & my head are so totally focused on Kylie, I actually don’t think I COULD even if I was willing!!!!

So there it is, is this selfish or is this just what comes with such an intense emotional & physical connection?

Answers on a postcard please!


2 comments on “Selfish?

  1. very well put andy! i know its different but even as a so called civilian i dont take my work home even though it may be a topic home is home! i partly to blame in a failed 15 year marriage because of that failure to separate home life and work! very destructive! 10 years later im still single but i do not bring work home!

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