Miami Bitch

Hi, this is a quick one…

So we didn’t sleep last night, we fucked like mad!

We then set off to Miami, met up with Ethan & Lexi & fell asleep on the plane (the movie was ‘The tooth Fairy; its was awful!!!) Was gonna wake up Kylie to join the mile high club but she looked so cute, so gonna give it a whirl on way home!

Anyway, we had a driver take us to Hotel, got in and err (yes you guessed it) had sex…. then we met Lexi & Ethan & the pool, met some porno people & wet for Sushi…

After returning to hotel to get changed (again) we had really fucking rough sex, Kylie actually knocked me out!!! (she does like raping me….although not as much as I do!) and then we went out to a Porn party with everyone starring at Exxxotica Miami, it was really cool, we had a couple of drinks & then went for a stroll down south beach…. we had lots of love moments, it was beautiful, Kylie looked amazing… love love love.

Then we found cheesecake and brought it back to the hotel, we are now all kinds of nekkid & about to get into bed, I think i am going to shower her with love and hugs tonight because I am such the smitten kitten…. posted a couple of photos on twitter & facebook if you wanna look….

Meanwhile, Exxotica starts tomorrow so will keep you all posted on events


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