No sleep…

Wow!!! I really don’t have time to blog…. its 12.15am and we gotta set off for airport in 3 hours!

So a quick rundown of the day(ish)… made a chicken & bacon salad, pushed a tank, watched Kylie getting Nekkid for 2 hours, made a cup of tea, about to finish packing, rampant filth, shower… airport!

Speak soon


One comment on “No sleep…

  1. Andy,
    good to hear you’re (finally!) married… Looks like you’re blissfully happy too – happy days.
    Just wanted to say what a great read the blog is – you’re a looooong way (in all aspects..!) from where we first met in Blackburn and it’s a real mind-bending read to see where you’ve ended up.
    I hope all remains well and keep moving and shakin’ it!
    Best of luck

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