The day is ”Muggy”

Wow its hot… wet & hot!

So I forgot to mention last night that we announced officially that me & Kylie are married (infact married 4 weeks today!)…… Twitter went crazy but all in all a good response, loads of well wishers, I am definatley feeling the love =)

Back to today, we woke up to err… the running theme & then i went out to find food, so far Kylie is in the shower getting all ‘pornified’ for todays convention plus & she has a seminar on ”are women more hardcore than men?” (which i am REALLY looking forward to….)

I also can’t wait to meet some of her fans, a few follow me on twitter and they all seem really nice, so that should be fun… but I will keep you posted on todays events as they develop.

Meanwhile, I need a shower


PS was planning on part 9 after Miami cause there’s too much going on to stop & write….. haven’t forgotten don’t worry!

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