Exxotica day 1 (& a bit of 2)

Hey everybody…..

So yesterday was fun, Miami is kick ass, fist day at Exxxotica was surreal but a lot of fun, met some really fucking cool people, a few fans & basically ”kept if real” !!!!

So err, lots of semi naked people go to Porn conventions then …..and some strange people (and some strange semi naked people!) but all in all awesome, Ethan & Lexi are a lot of fun to hang out with, Sean Michaels is a really fuckin nice guy & Nina Hartley is just plain crazy (but in a nice way).. ooh & Ginger Lynn’s Dad…. a great fella!

Kylie’s seminar went well, started off quiet but it got busy eventually & she took the roof off (she is so fucking ballsy, she doesn’t give a fuck!!) then she signed some DVD’s & pics for all the fans in the Legends booth, seriously everybody was awesome….

After the show we went for some Sushi & then (yeah you know…) eventually going to bad about 3ish….slept like a log, the hotel has memory foam beds, mmmm…sleepy.

Today we spent all day it the pool (after sex) had a couple of burgers, went & sat in bamboo garden (had sex…twice) and we are now currently getting ready for Exxxotica day 2, tonight Kylie is doing a PA at a swingers club (there are a few of us going) which I am a bit apprehensive of due to 2 reasons 1. The last swingers club I went to was populated by Rose & Fred West lookalikes1 2. I have been fucked senseless by Kylie all day and am in serious amounts of pain, i can just about raise a smile!!!

Anyway… tomorrows blog will be interesting to say the least!

Until then, wish me luck


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