Leaving Miami…


I didn’t blog yesterday!!!! This was due to 2 reasons:

1. I was hungover from Miami Velvet….

2. I met up with an old friend from Malta & ended up in the pub most of the day!

So, to summarize, I went to Miami velvet on Saturday night with Kylie, Ethan, Lexi, Pheonix Marie, Trina Michaels (& her boyfriend Chris), Francesca Le (& her husband Mark….) What an entertaining evening, people having sex everywhere, a bit surreal but alot better than swingers clubs in England (thank fuck for that!!!!)

No (by the way) I am not a swinger, it was a PA for all the pornstars so we just hung out and acted cool… although Kylie did get it on with Trina Michaels for a bit (because she is a bit of a lezzer!!)… anyway, all good fun!

Got home at around 4am and fell asleep in a drunken stupour!!!

The next day Sunday, met up with Keith Pawlak & spent most of day in the pub, Kylie finished off at Exxxotica at 7pm & we went home and slept….. (its not ALLL rock n Roll you know!)…

Right now we are packing, our flight is at 6pm… I will mention though that we are running late because me & Kylie had 24 hours of sex to catch up on… I am a bit sore!!!

Anyway, going to waste time at the pool & grab some food, next time I blog I will be in LA….


PS here are some photos from Miami Velvet

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