How do I summarize part 9

I really dont know where to begin… because I suppose this is where the story takes of on a real physical yet more emotional level, even though we have been through so much at this point!

Me & Kylie talked about this part on the plane back from Miami, its kind of like a day in a week (or a week in a day!) It’s the part where memories became reality and day to day life became normal, I mean we have the book with dates in but it doesn’t really make sense on a daily timeline, we were so lost in ourselves that it melts into one long story, this week was by far the best week of my life…..

SO we moved hotels, it was midday(ish) when we moved, we had spent sometime surfing around the web trying to find somewhere, we wanted somewhere out of the way, cute and somewhere that we could almost call ‘home’, eventually we decided on a place in Kensington, it was like an apartment, it had self catering, a living room & kitchen, you know ”apartment like”.. it was also cool as fuck!

SO we checked in, unpacked, errr had sex and whilst lying there afterwards decided we should go out into the real world, there was a park down the street and Kylie had suggested taking some pictures of us….. so off we went!

SIDENOTE: The first photo she took was us kissing in the lift…. (an amazing moment in time captured perfectly)

We stopped at Tesco on the way, picked up some bread for the swans… (it was Hyde park, there had to be swans right?) then we mooched around talking about our history, family, freinds etc all whilst taking photos of each other, I got some great ones of Kylie (especially of her being attacked by swans) she got some great ones of me …..and as the day got darker we decided to go for noodles (the start of our continuing noodle romance!!).

After noodles, we went back to tesco and did some shopping (oh yeah, normal stuff, everyday chores, even that was romantic) We went fuckin cheese & brioche crazy!! I also bought LOADS of pancake mix so I could make her breakfast everyday (as an aside I still make her breakfast everyday) we then went back to the hotel & coninued with ”The list”….

Here’s the list (edited for family members & faint hearted):

1. F**ting

2 A**l F**ting

3.Double A**l (which turned into Triple!)


5. F**ting whilst A** F**king

6. Face R**e

7. Feeding Her C** from her A**

8. Cupping

9. A**l Speculum (which i err… ****** in!)

10. Squirting  (and D***king it)

11. Bondage

12. Choking & Asphixiation

13. Snake (33 INCHES!!)

14. The Spiked paddle (she was in agony!)

15. Porn night (hey she is a porn star!)

16. Bloodplay (she carved her name into my chest!!)

17. Knifes (errr.. violent R**e)

18. W**** S*****

Anyway, we basically plowed through the list over 7 days, mixing it up and getting more extreme… all while being madly in love, at times it was aggressive, it was also emotional, it was even tender at times, I know some of it sounds fucked up (which it was) but it was apt… I can’t say anymore! ….and at the end of the week I hand drew her a certificate for accomplishing it all! AMAZING!! (even though NOW we are onto much more fucked up things!)

So day 2 we woke up, I made her pancakes (then back to the list) and we decided to try and cover all of Hyde Park, she took loads of photos, some cracking ones of the Albert memorial, err.. fancy ducks, knarley trees & a blue dog! The best it of the day was when we found a free art exhibition in a wierd little building in the middle of the park, it had the most crazy rubbish inside ever… example: a bed in front of a window, suspended above the bed was a old TV playing Maggie Thatcher sat down staring but on repeat, infront of the same window (built into it) was an old Toshiba cooker panel with a flashing clock and 2 random dials!!!  ….i moved one of the dials and got shouted at!!! It was really wierd, just loads of confused people walking in circles trying to look educated at art, we could not stop laughing, we left before we got thrown out!

Then we went to the pub, Kyie wanted ”proper pub grub” so I had bangers & mash… Kylie had Steak & Ale pie and fell in love with it, she ate loads of pies in london because of it, she still misses pies (most pies are sweet over here!)

Then we went home & back to the list& stayd up late talking, writing in the book, falling in love, to and from the list and more love… and talking!

Day 3 I woke up early (Kylie fucked me till I passed out the night before… I mean passed out with exhaustion, she continued to fuck me until she realised i was unconcious…. but finished off anyway!) So i was feeling guilty and therefore went to find a borrow boy,  bought her a dozen roses, crept back to the hotel and woke her with & breakfast in bed (I made a make shift vase out of a plastic milk bottle)… we stayed in bed all day that day.. it was pornstar day (the list)… it was a good day!

On Day 4 we got up late, (the list went on until ridiculous o’clock the previous day)…. Kylie had the radio show (pre recorded) that night and so we had to be up late listening to it,  we just messed around inside all day, we had a bath together, I cooked, we talked, we had sex infront of the mirror, she took photos of it and then photoshopped me with lots of hair!!! (we call that photo ”love with hair”…..) and then did laundry!

Day 5 We got up early and (yes the list!!!!) then we headed out so Kylie could take photos of cemetries (photography is her passion) we went to Kensall Green Cemetary, took photos all the way on the tube (see train hole) & arrived at 3ish, we wandered around for hours (this place is massive, really old!), i also took photos of her taking photos… when the sun started going down we headed home…. errr, except it had closed, the fences were bolted and we were locked in!!!!  We then spent an hour trying to escape, we eventually found a fence that wasn’t that high (only about 10ft!) and before you know it, Kylie had scaled it and was sat looking at the drop … she jumped down and looked at me like ‘your turn bitch”, so i took up the challenge but got spiked on the fence and ripped my jeans! (apparently growing up in Colarodo gives you cat like abilities!!) Anyway, we got back about 9ish and so went for more pies in the pub… we had such a fun time, we were a bit battered and bruised, so we decided to attck the list (like you do!)

On the last day in Kensington, I cooked everything we had left in the kitchen for breakfast… there was loads, cheeses, toast, salads, biscuits.. just loads… we then packed and headed out to the next hotel at Marble Arch!!!

In the next part, Our week in Marble Arch…

Enjoy the photos…..


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