I know… been busy!

So I haven’t blogged in nearly 2 days!!! I know!!! ….I also know I need to do part 9!!! sorry but been really busy, so tomorrow I am planning an hour (although it takes me about 2 and a half) to do it… !!

So what have i been upto? …. Well today I have been posting out Kylie’s eBay stuff & some other backlogged stuff from her store (rock n roll!)so that we are all upto date with stuff  (and how many times can ‘stuff’ be used in a sentence!)

Err, what else? ….had a stomach bug which I must have got in Miami, thats been fun! (fuck I have nothing to tell you!!)

Oh! On a more pervier note: Kylie was on a shoot today with Amber & Nikki, she took 38 inches of snake dildo up her ass (I had held the record of sticking 33 inches in her) …..so when she came home I had to take the record back… she can now take 41 inches (Go team Andy!!)

And on that note I say goodnight, prepare for part 9 tomorrow!


PS Actually, as a final aside I wonder whatever happened to the chubby,gay, makeup canadian geezer… he seems to have vanished, we are gonna have to find someone else to tak the piss out of now!

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