Quick update on stuff…

Well part 9 took me ages!!!

I also didn’t upload all the photos I had (some kind of bitmap issue!)… apart from that we had quite a relaxing day, Kylie sorted out her mums laptop, driving license & other menial stuff… whilst I carried on with eBay, made breakfast/diner etc, so all in all no much to report!

Oh yeah we fucked loads today actually….really intense stuff, it all started last night and just flowed through the day!!!

Changing the subject for a second I forgot to mention yesterdays eBay adventure….. I had to do the post for all the eBay stuff & Kylie’s store orders but the post office wouldn’t take em because they thought I might be the Uni bomber!!… so long story short, I had to go on a tour of different californian post offices to post them all, luckily at the 2nd one I visited the kind postal worker there took them all, so a lucky escape….

And thats as rock and roll as it gets today…. so gonna try and bang Kylie one last time before bed, sleep tight everyone!


PS Oh & fuck it… here are some photos I took of my beautiful girl from the last week or so …. enjoy!

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