It’s Saturday in LA

Hi everyone,

Last night on the radio was fun, it ended up being a 4way with me, Kylie, Derrick & Kayme… we were discussing allsorts, loads of people rang in, it was a blast! (seriously an amazing show, Kylie is so fucking good on radio)

Anyway, we went for noodles afterwards and then headed home, Kylie ”did stuff” to me… she has this way of finding parts of my body that I didn’ tknow existed and just fucking with them, my first tweet this morning was simply  WOW!! (how is it possible to fall deeper in love every fucking day!!)

On todays agenda, we are off to open our first bank account (the paperwork is in, we are now officially ‘the Appletons’) and she needs a test doing…..

Last point,  Amber wants us to go swing dancing tonight… me …. dancing…. that would be more funny than fun! but haven’t seen her i ages so we shall see…

That’s all so far today, keep on keepin on, speak soon


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