Sunday Sunday ….

Hello from a relaxed and chilled out Sunday morning in LA!

Last night was Iron man 2 at the Arclight in Hollywood, what a great cinema… really cool! The film was awesome (cant believe I waited so fucking long to see it) Kylie sat for 2 hours drooling over Robert Downey Junior but she looked so fucking hot I let her off!

Then we tried to find Crepes afterwards & failed so we headed down to Mels drive in (from American Graffiti) where I experienced Meatloaf for the first time…. and Loved it!

We got back hoem around 1ish, cuddled up bed and surprize surprize I fell asleep! Anyway, we are currently sat in bed house hunting and planning the day, Kylie has lots of website stuff to do & at some stage I need to get groceries……

Will start to look at part 10 today & try and get some stuff up….

Back soon


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