Editing the podcast

Evening from Los Dangles!

So far today, I have been quickly sorting out eBay, my personal one this time (Paypal and all that!) then spent most of the day editing the podcast…. it has taken ages and have about 3o mins done (of 2 hours!!)then  after that I have to add credits and titles!!! Hopefully will be up on Friday…

Meanwhile, just having dinner with Kylie, she is watching porn!

SO i am gonna continue editing, therefore we will have to speak later, before I go, here’s couple of bits of advice me and Kylie were discussing earlier about keeping love alive….

1. Piss on each other in the shower

2. Email each other your HIV results

Hope it helps!


4 comments on “Editing the podcast

  1. Andy, interested to know.. when Kylie watches porn is it similar to being a nightclub manager on the piss? I mean does she look at it critically like that i.e. “That ball bags in the way” “Why did she not moan more?” “he should have pulled her hair more” etc etc? Comment please!

    • She is critical of everything… especially NOW as she is a director, she comments about everyone… if she wants to enjoy porn she tends to watch Europorn because she doesn’t know anyone! If she watches herself (and we do!) she tends to be like”I should have sucked my stomach in more” or ”I should have held my chin up”…. My solution is to bang her hard!! because I get very competitive watching her getting railed by some geezer (or geezers…. or birds!)

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