I know, I know…part 10 (working on it!)

I have been delving in and out of part 10 (they don’t take 2 minutes you know) and am pleased to say I will have it done at some point… err soon!

Meanwhile, today is catch up day (side note, me & Kylie opened our first joint bank account on Saturday… look how grown up I am!!) So I have been sat infront of a computer all day being busy!!!

So a story to entertain you:

Many years ago whilst running a nightclub in the North East of England, a young & attractive woman came upto me and said ”Andy, what is your opinion on fellatio?” I looked shocked and somewhat dismayed and then said ”but my dear I do not know what falatio is!” ….so she showed me!

Therefore, since that day whenever a young & attractive woman asks me ”Andy, whats your opinion on fallatio?” I always say the same thing…. ”but my dear I do not know what fallatio is!”

(thats as good as it gets today!)


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