Got stuff to finish

I know, I still have to finish part 10 of me & Kylie ”The Marble Arch bit” …. I also have gotta finish editing the podcast and get it uploaded, don’t gimme grief, I’m working on it!

Meanwhile, last night was tons of fun, loads of us went out to celebrate Kylie’s birthday at ‘The Dresden’  …it also featured ‘Marty & Elayne” who without a doubt are the greatest jazz duet ever (and the oldest!) and therefore a good time was had by all… its just a shame I never got a photo of Derricks hat!

Today (he said at 3pm!) we are undecided as to the plan of action, we are still house hunting but as mentioned earlier, the podcast editing still needs to be done & eBay always looms…. So I will crack on & see you guys later!


PS By the time photos were taken Derrick & Kayme had left, still, here is some of me & Kylie & everyone else from last night

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