Sunny Sun Sun….

To quote TuPac  ”I’m up early in the mornin, breath stinking as I’m yawnin …. just another sunny day in California”

SO TRUE,  WHAT AN AMAZING DAY…. (side note: I started this blog like 2 hours ago but Ethan & Lexi are here & Lexi is all kinds of nekkid!… so I suppose I should now put ”just another strange day in California!)

So, errr, where was I? Oh Yes… it’s as hot as fuck, the sun is blazing & all is good, I mentioned yesterday that Derrick & Kayme were coming over today & therfore the podcast studio is all set up but what I didn’t mention is that I haven’t finished editing ours!!! Me & Kylie got talking last night & then ended up on the roof chatting for hours… then sex happened (so you can sue me… fuck it, I will do it today!)

To summarize, Lexi is nekkid, Kylie is moving sofas around and that is all really, just thought Iwould share the glorious sunshine with you (and also get to piss off everybody in England!)

Will be back in abit


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