A day of eBay…

This one is just for me really, I just wanna store my URL for eBay …but if you are interested, here’s my page:


Infact, fuck it, I should add it to my blog opening page!

Anyway ….err I think apart from ebay the only ‘interesting’ fact of the day is that Kylie baked some scones today, so the whole ”whore in the bedroom, angel in the kitchen” thing really does apply to her (although, thinking about it, she is pretty much a whore in every room!) but you get what i trying to say….

To finish off this blog, I know by now, some of you are thinking, ”where the fuck is part 10?” …I WILL DO IT I PROMISE… I am as busy as fuck, I have 2 PODCASTS TO FINISH!!!! (although eBay is done for a week!) so I am gonna go!


PS I never posted a pic did I? (see last blog or below)

PPS Damn it, there was one last thing I forgot to mention, I can’t remember… Damn it! I fucking hate it when that happens!! …. oh fuck it, see you tomorrow!

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