Memorial Day in LA

Hi everyone,

It’s Memorial day, a day everyone pays respect to the armed forces (and good on em I say, they all really deserve it)…. for the UK readers, its kinda like a bank holiday combined with rememberance day.

So, today the weather continues to be as hot as hell, everything is closed and therefore me & Kylie are eBaying some old stuff….

Last night btw I absolutley banged the crap out of Kylie (I think I am still a bit fuck drunk to be fair….) it all started off with me taking the nekkid photos of her for fans and then it REALLY just got out of hand, I mean it’s not surprising she is FUCKING AMAZING in the sack but seriously…. she is better than that, the chemistry we have & the things we do to each other !!! It’s Terrible!!! (Go team Andy!)

Anyway, we fell asleep in each other arms afterwards and then slept like a log (If Kylie is reading this I have omitted the conversation we had whilst I was asleep… that doesn’t count!)

So moving on, you should all check out eBay by the way, we have posted some really cool stuff on there, Wicked Pictures bowling shirts etc (Corruption on blu-ray with a ‘signed by the cast’ original script is pretty awesome)….

Infact I should go and continue to post stuff & at some stage today (if you’re lucky) I will edit a photo from last night and post it below (just so you can see how hot Kylie looked!)

Until then, enjoy your day


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