I always feel sorry for Tuesday because its such a non event…. We all hate Monday, Wednesday is midweek, Thursday is one day away from Friday, Friday is the start of the weekend… (Sat & Sun speak for themselves)

So let’s all give Tuesday a big hug! 

On todays agenda, whilst Kylie is out & about running errands I will be finishing off our podcast….then starting on the Friday night 3way! At this stage I don’t know if the first stage is possible, however I am going to attempt to finish it & get it posted, we shall see….

In other news, the weather is as shit hot as ever (YAY!) I had a rant about Scottish footy fans on facebook & twitter (cunts!) plus Sarah Ferguson has proved yet again that she is a pissed up, money grabbing fatty! (See Oprah)

And that is all that Tuesday has to offer so far…

Until later


PS part 10, coming soon, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada (I promise)

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