I just don’t get it!

SO I am listening to playboy radio tonight (as I often do) and I have to say, it was unintentionally the funniest show I have ever heard….

(I think) the basic premise of the show is Rednecks phone in and then wank off!

And how do they achieve this amazing feat? They get a porno chick to describe a sexual encounter to the caller & then encourage them to explain what they (the caller) would do to them, so this evening I have learnt:

  • A ”loogie’ is excellent lube!
  • Failing that, chewing tobacco is a useful aternative!
  • Women like their stomachs to be filled with piss!
  • Being sat on the toilet with your Penis ‘dangerously’ close to the water is a real turn on!
  • Small tits only use is to be wacked with your cock (and bruised)!
  • Dirty Enema water is fun!
  • Puking is really hot!
  • ….and finally ”Gardening for Anus” (I actually don’t know what that means but I thought I would mention it)

Errr… and that’s about it, I can’t believe that after all these years, I didn’t know these simple facts! (It’s either that or the programming director is on holiday, or stupid, or deaf, or just really likes the sound of Rednecks jerking off!)


So please Mr Playboy radio programme director man, please stop, I mean OK, it was funny for a while but I’m bored now, there’s only so much Redneck homoerotisism I can take from my radio… infact I’ve just discovered it’s only an hour!

Lets get back to the ”radio presenters” & DJ’s who can actually converse about things, have a laugh & chat with the listeners about amusing, dirty or interesting subjects… trust me (and call me crazy) it makes good radio!

Here endeth the lesson


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