Destination ….’The Valley’

Morning all,

It’s nice to see that so many people agreed with my little playboy rant last night, some of the comments on twitter were genius… @ali_223 was particularly amuzing, me & Kylie had a good chuckle when we got up!

Anyway, moving on, today sees us heading on over to ‘The Valley’ to sign the lease on our new apartment, I can’t wait to start the move, me & Kylie will have our very own love nest… it seems to good to be true!

It’s not that living at the fallout shelter isn’t fun (which it is!) It’s just, you know, we need our own space to errr… ‘do our own thing’ (which amongst other things, involves very loud sex!)

So, right now we are checking out eBay, twittering & other morning type duties (pancakes are on the menu this morning!) and then we are off out to meet Sally (the landlord, crazy but incredibly friendly squirrel women).. so I will say goodbye for the time being!


PS Last night btw… OMG!!! What a dirty girl she is!!! 😉

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