Friday + Sun = podcast

SO its afternoon now!

I spend a while on a friday morning tweeting #FF… its always highly amuzing coming up with different straplines (& eyebrow gags for derrick!)

Anyway, we continue with the podcast editing and so today’s blog will be short as I have much to do! Just a quick mention of yesterdays adventure:

Me & Kylie went over to pay the deposit on our new place, so fucking excited, I cant wait to move in, OUR FIRST LOVE NEST AS MAN AND WIFE!!! How fucking awesome is that…. and it has a pool!!

Then we went to see Mischa, unfortunatley her dog Hannah (of 12 years) died the other day, so it was big hugs all round, however, she is going to be our new neighbour so hopefully that will help the healing process.

After that we nipped on over to grab our bank info, cards etc, for our new JOINT bank account (can you tell even the little things excite me!) but I didn’t have a card ready, there was only Kylie’s…. WTF! must call them today & act snotty!!

Then, we ended up going to a mexican restaurant & having enchilladas… and a good time was had by all. Finally, On the drive home (it was night time) I pulled into a secluded park and (how can i put this?) raped her…. violently! I know you are thinking, ”you can’t do that!” but I did…. 3 times!! she fucking loves it…. (and that will be my defence in court!)

When we eventually got home, I then made her come a couple of times by doing ridiculously perverted things to her with 3 toys (yes at the same time)…. then Angel food cake, cuppa tea & Sleep!

And with that story I must now leave & finish off these graphics, check back for info on the podcast when i get it posted…


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