I know, I know… I am trying to finish the podcast!!!

The first one is the hardest, we are workng on graphics & sound, plus I am learning as I go (and I know I have to continue our love story!) but it took ages last night, we have a format and it works …but we need to add some fine touches (which I am also learning as I go) but when its done, the next one will be easy!

Today, Kylie is working on the hosting site (as we speak) so just keep believing, we will finish it we promise!  (he said with head in hands)

Anyway, today I was repremanded by my big sister, so if you are reading this Louise I am sorry, I will make more of an effort….. (I am great brother really!)….!!!

And on that note, I am going to go (I would tell you the sex story from last night but I can’t mention sex in the same blog as my sister, its just wierd!!)


PS here’s a hot photo of Kylie though! (one of my all time favorites)

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