The end of a great Saturday

What a great day, the sun was in the sky, Kylie did some awesome graphics on the podcast website, then went onto cook the worlds greatest green chile Burritos….

Seriously, amazing, the best Burritos ever… they were just fucking scrummy!

Then we went for a stroll in the night air at the park, we ended up climbing a tree over the lake (saw a turtle) and then sat there kissing in the branches for a while (and had a strange ”have we done this before’ moment)…. after that we went for a play in the kids playground, we swung on the swings, slid on the slides and monkeyed around on the monkey bars (yes we are both 8 years old!) but love was definatley in the air!

As of right now, we have just got out of the shower and are both sat at our respective computers, checking out eBay/ABI bids & twitter… at some stage I am going to have to moleste her (it’s not all romance with me you know!)

SO, I am just here to say hi…. HI !! 

I will leave you with this thought, If a fat person falls over in the woods, does anyone hear the tress laugh?

Goodnight all,


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