Living in LA is surreal at times

Ignoring the fact, I am married to a beautiful world famous pornstar, I live in a dungeon & most of my friends have sex for a living…. LA still manages to find ways to surprize me!!!

Today, me & Kylie (have I mentioned how beautiful she is today?) heard a commotion outside & then soon discovered via twitter that they are filming the new new Wicked pictures film on the 6th Street bridge (outside were we live)…. eventually the tweets & noise got the better of us & so we decided to go for a mooch and investigate!

When we turned up on set, there was a motorcycle cop guarding the entrance and no sooner had she saw him, Kylie had wandered over & blagged her way in (I was impressed at her cander!)….

Then we ran into Derrick Pierce (who is in the film) & his lovely girlfriend Kayme Kai, Kylie movd on todo some air kissing & hugging to various industry people and then they started rolling!

Background Info: The film is called Speed and is based around motorbikes, Derrick is in a Motorbike Gang & organised them all to be on set, it was like Fast & the Furious but with Bikes, loads and loads of Bikes!

Anyway, we were suddenly extras in the movie, The scene was Derrick starting a race with 2 hot chicks on Bikes (one of them is Jessica Drake, she gave Kylie a big hug when she saw her and said ”OMG, Is that THE Ady Appleton!!”) he had to chat them up & so on…. basically, whoever won the race got to fuck him! We had to whoop and cheer & look like Biker types!

After the race, Derrick’s Character then offered himself up as the prize, to which he was whole heartedly blown out because these 2 girls were more interested in each other!!! Then we had to laugh and sneer and basically make fun of him! It was hilarious to be a part of, we took loads of photos & had a great time (in the blistering heat)… but it just goes to show how surreal LA can be, one minutes you are on twitter, the next you are on the set of a porn movie acting like a biker!!!

And that’s the story of Sunday so far… let’s see what else happens, its still only 9.00pm!!!


PS And i havent even mentioned fisting Kylie’s ass last night!!!!

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