It’s Tuesday isn’t it?

Morning my happy campers… welcome to Tuesday!

Obviously eBay & Stormtrooper madness filled the day yesterday (although we did have a game of move the armoured car after diner!) so due to sales from Kylie’s store, today is posting day again…. she is such a popular lady!

Also on the agenda is a few polaroid shots for fans (which usually means I ”get  me some”) and today will be no exception, we have the fallout shelter to ourselves… so it’s dungeon time!

In other news, Kylie looks hot, I am wearing a skirt & it’s actually quite cloudy today, still warm but a bit overcast! ooohhh, whilst I forget, if Amber is reading this, then don’t be lonely little lady, there is always Skype if you want a chat, me & K are around… so hit us up over the web!

Back soon hopefully with some dity stories!)


PS Podcast I know… tonight I will work on it!

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