Dad’s Birthday


It’s Wednesday evening & I have spent all day packaging, printing & mailing for Kylie’s store (give or take) I have sent out roughly 25 things to day! ….But you know, If people want nekkid photos & videos of my wife getting railed, who am I to argue!!!

Anyway, we got up this morning (I will cover last nights antics towards the end of this blog) made breakfast (pancakes!) & then phoned my Dad back in England …it’s his 70th Birthday today & so I thought it was about time he spoke to his new daughter in law…. And they hit it off instantly, chatting away about his birthday, (we sent him a framed wedding photo) how they both are looking forward to meeting each other & then err…me (apparently they are going to gossip about me when I’m not around!)

So, after speaking with Dad for a while, catching up on transatlantic news, we said our goodbyes & then it was back to work…. on eBay eBay eBay!

So then, last night…..

Now if you remember (or see previous blog), I was taking some photos of Kylie for her fans, just random ones, some are nekkid, some are semi nekkid, some have her with items of clothes on that they have bought from her… all kinds really, also, whenever we do this, I always take some shots just for us, just for fun…. that’s usually when trouble starts!!!

So next thing you know, we are on the roof, she’s nekkid, I have a hard one, she is wet through, I am on top of her in the blazing sun, she is grinding away on me & then I am dragging her downstairs & banging the crap out of her…and Jesus Christ was I!!!! It was incredible, I threw her around the bedroom like a rag doll!! Then, after a while, she starts to get fiesty & has climbed on top of me, trying to split herself in half!

Anyway, after about an hour (and 3 abused holes later!) I end up being head down, between her legs filling her with toys & she uses my face and chest as target practice, while she gushes like ‘Old faithfull’ !!

(Insert time period here) of mayhem had gone by, I had balls like prunes, my jaw had been knocked out of it’s socket, she was drenched & the angels were singing…..we are both exhausted!

Post sex exhaustion (and rehinging my jaw… she has a mean right hook!!) we decided to go to the store, however, we were still fuck drunk & by the time we got to the store we were in the mood again (funny how crazy sex does that isn’t it?) anyway, to the dismay of other shoppers, we ‘played’ around whilst we shopped, (she nearly got nailed to the soup counter at one point!) …but eventually we finished our purchases, headed back home, got in the door, unpacked & started all over again!

After about another hour or so (i have no idea!), my thirst was quenched (literally!)… and she was nearly swimming out the room, we just lay there talking, amazed that I wasn’t ejaculating dust, astounded that she can produce so much liquid & basically just plain knackered!!!

(A bit of advice, when knackered and running on empty… have soup, it’s great after sex food!)

We then watched Ricky Gervais ‘Fame’ on DVD and cuddled up on the sofa acting like a couple of love birds!

Then we slept….ok, no we didn’t sleep, we fucked, did I mention that soup is good pre-sex food as well? (side note: me & Kylie have been sat here trying to decide what we actually did before we slept, it might have been ‘my hand’ related, or ‘huge dildo’ related butwe can’t decide, sorry… it was something, something big, whatever, the point is we were fucking again!)… and THEN sex coma!! PS and yes dust does come out after a while!

Ohh, whilst on the subject, there is something else i need to mention, we a ‘moment’ this afternoon.. and by ‘moment’ I mean I dragged her into the bedroom (after banging her in her office) & physically abused her, she accidently (so she says) smashed me in the mouth & chipped one of my front teeth!!! (dont try this at home kids!) So if anyone knows a good dentist (a FREE good dentist, or one I can pay in porn) then let me know!

Ok, I hope that kinda explains why the blog is running late, cause that’s about it for today… as an added treat, I thought i would add some of the photos from yesterday as well, actually, there are 2 reasons why I am adding photos:

  1. I am just showing off! My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, I want the world to know! (sigh, she is SOOO fucking beautiful)
  2. I took some pretty good photos, so eat your heart out David Bailey!

And on that note, I say goodnight,  hope you enjoy the photos, you all should get some sleep (and don’t forget the Porn/dentist request thing!)


One comment on “Dad’s Birthday

  1. you realize of course you’re giving all of us “civilians” out here a massive inferiority complex with these wild crazy madly in love teeth-chipping adventures! but that’s okay, we love you anyway 🙂
    sorry, I don’t know any porno dentists but I’m sure someone in Porn Valley does 🙂 and happy bday to your dad!

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