Thursday catch up!

Hi all,

Load of hits from yesterdays blog, which I am putting down to the revelation on twitter that I had semi nekkid pictures of Kylie (either that or you are all really interested in my Dad’s birthday!)… Anyway on todays agenda:

Following on from last night (errr… we were up having sex till 6 am, therefore we didn’t get up till about midday) we are just about to go over to ‘The Valley’ to get Kylie’s bloodwork done (it’s a porn thing) & then we are gonna race back to get ready for Ben Sparrows Photo exhibition!

Side note: Ben Sparrow is a photographer / Director that lives with us at the falloutshelter, you can check out his website at 

As another side note, I forgot to mention on Tuesday that they were filming more scenes from Wicked pictures ‘Speed’ right ouside our bedroom, Kylie took some really good photos of a mock armoured car robberey & then got busted by the crew (see photos!)

So that all being said, we must go, I have to remind everyone that I haven’t forgotten about part 10 of our story, I must also finish the sound editing on the podcast…. you are all incredibly patient!

Until later


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