Life’s a beach and then you blog

Wow, It’s 11.14pm & we have just got back, here’s the story so far:

Last night we were supposed to go & see Ben’s photography exhibition but by the time we got there they had shut down (err.. 3 hours early you fuckers!) SO we decided to come home and fuck! (so not all bad!) Kylie looked amazing…. in fact, this is what she looked like….

The next day, we had a few errands to run, including a trip to the dermatologist (My psoriasis is murder at the mo!) so we thought it would be nice to spend a day at the beach, have a picnic & then Rollerblade along Santa Monica through to Venice beach….

I was in charge of food so I made us a Tomato & mozzarella salad followed by Pesto Chicken & Bacon linguine (I know, Gordon Ramsey has nothing on me!)… PLUS we had a couple of yoghurt & a BIG bar of Cadbury’s chocolate!

So, we nipped to over the Doctors, had a nightmare with Chase Bank (we forgot our pin number.. head slap!) & ended up at the beach, it was a lovely day, the sun was shining… we parked up & set ou our picnic on the grass.


It was scrummy (both Kylie & the food!)… and so we fell into the romance of it all, we ate, we cuddled, we kissed, we took some great photos of trees…. and then Kylie made Stonehenge out of Ice plants, she named it ”Ice planthenge”

As love was in the air, I also made Kylie a daisy chain…. and then molested  her tits for a while!

After (quite a bit) of molestation, unfortunately, the daisy chain broke…. but not to be outdone by this event (and some quick thinking on my part) I decided to express my feelings in ”daisy form”


And the day just continued to get better… stay tuned for part 2 (which will be in about 10 minutes!!!)


2 comments on “Life’s a beach and then you blog

  1. A simply amazing day. Really I keep expecting to wake up from this dream and discover it’s not real, or come around one day to find myself in a padded room and that the whole thing was all in my head. Men like Andrew don’t exist in the real world. It’s the stuff of fairytales, the stuff every little girl hopes to find one day…I had given up on such foolishness…and suddenly here he is, my Prince Charming. (My very dirty, twisted yet unbelievably romantic Prince Charming…) Sigh.

    What a wonderful day… Andrew made the greatest picnic and we rolled around on the blanket for several hours…just…being. Enjoying the beautiful sunny California day and each other. He then made me a daisy chain (I had never made one!)

    Remembering games
    and daisy chains and laughs
    You’ve got to keep the loonies on the path…

    -Pink Floyd

    I introduced him to Iceplant and then proceeded to build Ice PlantHenge in the grass. (I think he sometimes wonders if I am the loony he needs to keep on the path…) I rather liked my Ice Plant Henge, and he certainly can’t argue about how realistic it was since he has never seen the real Stonehenge…despite the fact he lived most of his life within a 2 hr drive of it.

    After some more mushy stuff and rolling around we decided it was time for his Venice Beach Rollerblading Debut…

    I still can’t stop smiling…

  2. andy my hats off to u man!! thats the way its suppost to be! reading what u two have wrote so far has made me think back.growing up in the 60s& 70s we didnt have all the distractions we do theses days life was pretty simple and thats the way you live it. you and kylie have manage to recaptured that!! i think thats so fabulous! ill bet when kylie woke up that mornning that tying little plants together could mean so much! its the simple things in live we miss or never experience that means the most!! cheers dude!!

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