Life’s a beach part 2

Hi, I’m back….

Just been going through the photos, how do I explain how they make me feel?!! How do I describe my life with Kylie?!! Wonderful, heavenly, amazing ,words don’t seem to cut it… they just don’t!

I am sat here so fucking happy…. I haven’t got the words, I need new ones, I honestly can’t tell you enough how much I love her, how much I love spending time with her & how happy she makes me… it makes you realise how little time we have, I wish Icould freeze time, it’s almost a shame we only met a few months ago, so much time wasted without her ….but I am gonna spend the rest of my life smiling, so that what I focus on.

Kylie, I know you read my blog, so I just want you to know that I love you, thanks for today, thanks for everyday, you are the one, my special girl…. I will always remember that. x

Ok, big sigh and moving on to part 2….

We finished the picnic, got out the blades (remember she has been teaching me upstairs in the warehouse)…. it was time for the big test, VENICE BEACH AND BACK!!!

And we were off, rollerblading down the beach, she was taking photos, I was trying to look cool, it was awesome (I didn’t fall over once!) well, i say that I actually fell over 3 times but that was on the way back!

When we got to the Venice Beach (where all the freaks hang out) we took off our rollerblades & walked barefoot through the shops, watching the wierdos being wierd, holding hands, Kylie was twirling occaisionally & we then got hustled by a wannabe rapper (for 4 bucks!)

On the way back, Kylie got me to walk in sand (sidenote: I hate walking in sand!!) she took photos, I took photos (we found a massive ‘K’) & then we found a bar so I could have a couple of beers & we could watch the sun go down…. but we ended up watching freaks, which turned into us discussing the general public & basically taking the piss out of tourists (well everyone really!) …It was hilarious!!!

After an hour or so, we decided to head back (the sun had vanished!) we strapped our blades back on and headed back to the car!

During the journey back, i took frequent trips to the ground (ouch) but all in all made it back in one piece, it was a great day out & a good time was had by all…. Oh and I took a piss on the beach!

And that, ladies & gentlemen, was ‘Andy & Kylie’s trip to the beach’… so without further ado, here is the pictorial version!


4 comments on “Life’s a beach part 2

  1. 1st thanks for sharing this give hope that it still happens!
    you didn’t fall going to the beach.but at the beach you had beers right! but after the beers you fell right! well then your all good man because falls after beers dont count! thats a man law right?!! well if not it should be!! LoL

  2. Love reading your blog, enoy it very much. so glad you two are having such a good time together. Awesome to be so in love.

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