How do I summarize part 10 (a)

I know its been a while, I apologise but sitting down to write the story of me & kylie takes ages & recently, I really haven’t had 2 or 3 hours spare…. Anyway, I will stop apologising and continue!

So, we had had or last day in Kensington, I had cooked everything left in the Kitchen, we had eaten, booked a new hotel (try finding a decent hotel in London for 3 weeks) & before you know it, we had jumped in a taxi and were on our way to the new location (Marble Arch) for our final week together!

OK, It was Sunday afternoon, Kylie’s friend Amber (who knew everything about us) was flying in from the USA, we had arranged to met her at the airport & bring her over to the hotel (where she was also staying) Anyway, we got to the  hotel & checked in, there was a bit of confusion with the room & we had to wait for a bit but eventually we got upto the room, unpacked & set off on the tube to Heathrow airport.

A tube journey later and we are waiting at arrivals (I had bought the wrong tube tickets by the way!!) when Amber turns up she is a bit jet lagged with loads of luggage. This was my first impression of her: REALLY nice, talks loads, unbelievably friendly &  loves horses…. and noodles!

SO I sat there, evesdropping, as Kylie & Amber talked and talked about life in LA, life in London, Horses & noodles ….all the way back to the hotel.

When we returned, there was more confusion about Amber checking in and so I nipped to the shop & got some Jelly Babies (a Tom Baker/Dr Who reference) & some pickled onion monster munch (which Kylie didn’t believe existed!) by the time everything was sorted, Amber needed sleep & so she went to her room, unpacked…. and then we went out for noodles!

Whilst in the noodle restaurant (that we nick named ‘Wigwams’… because the sign outside looked like it said Wigwam!) I discovered what its like to be in public with 2 porn stars… its fun! Every other word is ‘anal’ or some intense sex reference, which means if pay attention at everyone else in the restaurant, all you see is jaws dropping or mouths wide open, it was fucking hilarious!! (and the noodles were good)…. oooh, something else I remember about Amber is how much she can eat!!! seriously!!! she is really thin, REALLY THIN!! but she eats and eats and eats, I have no idea where she stores it!! It’s impressive to watch (and also quite confusing!) anyway by the time we had eaten, it was back to the hotel, Amber was tired, the jetlag had kicked in and she retired to her room. Me & Kylie then went back to our room… and (I stopped writing in the book for some reason, so I actually don’t know what we did!)

The next day, Amber & Kylie were busy for a couple of hours so I nipped to go & see the Banksy film ‘Exit through the gift shop’ at the most pretentious cinema I have every been to ‘The Curzon’… it was a REALLY cool place, the film was brilliant and so afterwards I headed back to the hotel to catch up with the Kylie on events with her & Amber….. That night Kylie got dressed up for me in MASSIVE HEALS & we ended up taking loads of photos in the mirror, it was HOT!! I eventually ended up fucking her with an N-Joy (it makes her squirt!) and err… well lets just say, it’s a good job I was thirsty!

After that (very wet!) event, we were sat in bed talking, about allsorts really but we stated talking about the fact we didn’t have much time left, we didn’t know what was going to happen when we left each other & when we would see each other again…. we had talked about her coming to England for a while to stay with me but that would have been ages away, as she has a job, a business & a whole different life. I couldn’t wait that long, I just couldn’t, I was SO in love with her, I didn’t want to spend months waiting (I mean I would have, it’s just that, I didn’t want to!)… Kylie felt the same, so we talked about me coming to LA & spending a few months together over there, infact we did more than talk about it, we set a date for me to go over, basically when she left, I was gonna follow her there a month later….  it was a relief to talk about, I was almost terrified thinking about life without her, we sat there in bed & eventually fell asleep in each others arms, content.

(Sidenote: its taken me hours to this bit, I keep getting distracted by life again… so I am gonna wrap it up after day 2 & pick it up on day 3 later this evening)


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